Advanced Technologies

In addition to its project contracting activities, Afcon develops and sells advanced, market-leading products such as:


  • Pulse The Israeli SCADA system, installed at a variety of sensitive, high-security sites and organizations, including Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel Natural Gas Lines, and the Israel Electric Corporation.
  • GM Security Sensors The world’s most advanced perimeter security system, which has successfully completed testing by the IDF’s technology unit. It has now been installed along Israel’s southern border, and is being employed by a range of clients and sites, including private power plants and gated communities.
  • Refrigeration Facilities Design and manufacture of fixed and mobile refrigeration facilities, which are sold in Israel and overseas.
  • Aeonix – This new communications system for organizations sold approximately 31,000 ports during 2014 in the USA, China, Israel, Russia and India. In February 2015, the system won the TMC award for Product of the Year from Unified Communications. The system includes ACC – the Aeonix Contact Center.
  • Tiba Develops and installs systems for parking, parking garages and advanced parking systems. It is the market leader in North America, with sales of $7 million in 2014 (owned 50% by Afcon).
  • Harmony Gate Port gates and border crossings controlling entry and movement, installed in Congo and Israel (Ashdod).
  • High Voltage Electricity Switchgear Panels – Afcon is the largest producer and leading manufacturer of high quality type-tested electrical panels, as well as switchgear panels with air or gas insulations for electrical installations.


The Group’s customers include leading companies and organizations in Israel and abroad, spanning a broad array of sectors, including energy, ports and airports, transportation systems, fuel, gas and water, telecommunications, industry, defense, public institutions and organizations, and municipal and government bodies.

The range of products, systems, technologies and solutions provided by the company , through its divisions and sub-units, together with its permanent staff of top engineers, practical engineers and management who are all seasoned veterans in their field, have firmly established Afcon as one of the largest, leading, and most stable enterprises operating in Israel today.