End-to-End Solutions

The Group operates in Israel and internationally in four core sectors: construction and infrastructure, control and automation, trade, and communications. Afcon specializes in planning and implementing systems for particularly complex and large-scale projects, acting as both a general contractor and as a subcontractor in the following areas:


1. Construction & Infrastructure

Afcon provides solutions and technologies in the field of multi-system infrastructure projects. These cutting-edge solutions include construction contracting and finishing works; installation of electromechanical (electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing) systems; installation of electrical systems for industry; manufacture and installation of HV/MV/LV switchgear products for buildings, industry, and infrastructure; natural gas engineering; and the construction and setup of wind farms, photovoltaic fields and infrastructure facilities.The Group is active in the following fields:


  • General Contractor & Civil Engineering Design and execution of turnkey construction projects, while always keeping within even the tightest budget and scheduling requirements. Its role includes the planning, procurement, and implementation of all construction elements, such as excavation, the concrete structure, and electrical systems, as well as various finishing works for power stations, public buildings, industrial and commercial facilities, and secure buildings.


  • Integrated Systems – Contracting and installation of electromechanical systems for large and complex projects. Acting for customers’ benefit, this business unit incorporates the Group’s full range of capabilities under one roof, including electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, refrigeration, and low voltage systems.


  • Electrical Systems – Construction, installation and production of HV/MV/LV switchgear products for construction, industry, and infrastructure. These include substations and power plants (conventional, natural gas, or photovoltaic), and can fulfill the needs of an EPC business model.


  • Air-Conditioning, Cooling, Deep Freeze & Plumbing Systems – Installation of central air conditioning, cooling, deep freeze, sanitary plumbing, and fire extinguishing systems for office buildings, public buildings, logistic centers, shopping malls, hi-tech facilities, hospitals, and more.


  • Gas Engineering – The Group’s projects in this field include natural gas contracting, such as the planning, procurement, and installation of pressure reduction and metering stations (PRMS), compression and unloading facilities (CNG), and conversion to natural gas for industrial enterprises as part of Israel’s natural gas supply infrastructure.


2. Control and Automation

Afcon develops and markets a wide range of low-voltage technologies for control and automation systems, including their installation and integration. The products and services are in the areas of industrial control, building monitoring, fire protection and safety, security and parking management, safe cities, and the development of advanced SCADA software. Afcon also develops, manufactures, sells, distributes, installs and provides services for various hi-tech systems, including remote water metering, access control systems, border crossings, secure and smart cities, peripheral security systems, and parking systems.


3. Trade

Afcon imports, markets, and distributes a variety of electrical and control equipment and systems within Israel, all sourced from leading international manufacturers. The Group’s operations in this area ideally complement its activities related to construction and infrastructure projects, as well as control and automation.


4. Communications

Operating via Tadiran Telecom in Israel and abroad, Afcon is engaged in the design, development, manufacture, installation, marketing, distribution, servicing and maintenance of unified communications and collaboration systems, including: digital IP-based switchboards, communication servers for enterprises, contact/call centers, interfaces for exchanges and smartphones, and the installation of business data networks.