Buildings & Infrastructure

Civil Engineering & Construction

Afcon Construction (formerly Yachniuk) leverages its unrivaled professional expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for complex, multi-system construction and civil engineering projects. The company is active in the public, industrial, governmental, and security sectors, as well as in the infrastructure and development fields.

Reliably performing turnkey projects on time and within budget constraints, the company supplies all services required during a construction project, including planning, procurement, and all civil and infrastructure work such as excavation, laying concrete, establishing a building framework, system installation, finishing works, and additional development (access roads, landscaping, etc.) for power stations, public buildings, industrial plants, commercial structures, and secure buildings.

A leading, well-respected company in its field, Afcon Construction’s impressive portfolio includes many major office buildings, R&D laboratories, advanced secure buildings, power stations and substations, public buildings, university campuses, and more. Its work also includes unique multi-disciplinary projects dealing with complex electromechanical systems that require not only specialized knowhow, but also wide-ranging experience and highly accurate design and engineering capabilities – precisely the advantages that Afcon Construction offers all its customers.

Selected Projects

Dalia Power Plant
Design and implementation of several power plant structures, including foundation and concrete works, steel construction and cladding, finishing works, and קרא עוד 

Various Combined-Cycle Power Plants
Over the past 30 years, Afcon Construction has carried out a range of complex projects for the IEC, including combined-cycle קרא עוד