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Deep Freeze

ERES Refrigeration and Engineering, an Afcon Group subsidiary, specializes in the design, production, and installation of unique refrigeration systems based on ammonia, glycol, or freon. These systems operate at very low temperatures, down to -80°C, covering industrial water cooling systems, refrigerated warehouses for the food industry, refrigeration and freezing tunnels, and more.

In addition to supplying premium refrigeration systems, the company offers continuous maintenance services through annual maintenance contracts, or on a per-call basis for the refrigeration systems it has supplied, including all auxiliary systems (such as electricity and control).

Long-established, with more than 60 years in the business, Afcon is well known for its expertise and experienced technician teams, making it the first choice of consultants, designers, and major customers from the industrial, commercial, and education sectors, among others, all of which have received quality service year after year.