Buildings & Infrastructure

Electromechanical Systems for Industrial Facilities

Afcon Electromechanical Systems specializes in designing and installing electrical infrastructure for high/medium and low voltage projects. It also provides high-quality instrumentation for industrial purposes, including: electrical infrastructure, cabling and (extremely high / high / medium / low voltage) wiring, high voltage electrical rooms, transformers, low voltage distribution panels, and all electrical installations required for substations and power stations (coal, liquid fuel, gas and PV).

The company serves a diverse range of customers in Israel and overseas, with projects including Intel FAB, renewable energy installations, industrial plants, PV power stations and wind farms, desalination plants, public buildings, office buildings, laboratories, critical facilities, and more.

Founded on the basis of the former Feuchtwanger company, Afcon is today widely known as one of the largest, most experienced, and reliable companies in Israel, exhibiting sterling design and performance capabilities in its field.