Buildings & Infrastructure


As one of the largest Israeli companies in this field, Afcon possesses the professional expertise to conduct first-class Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning projects for commercial buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, high-rise office buildings, energy centers, and more.

The company’s core advantage lies in its proven stability, experience, and engineering knowhow, in addition to its long-standing staff of professional engineers, practical engineers, electricians, technicians, and operators. In addition, Afcon utilizes sub-contractors with unique specialties in metalwork, piping, and insulation, whenever required.

Afcon provides design and installation solutions for integrated projects and to complement other systems, as well as developing its own unique solutions for unusual cases. The company has gained the highest level of clearance to work on especially sensitive projects for the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defense. Afcon is a member of the HVAC Suppliers Organization and adheres to all ISO 9001 quality assurance requirements, audited by the Standards Institution of Israel.