Data Communication & Cyber Security

Constant technological developments in the communication world requires all modern businesses to keep up to date and be prepared to cope with risks and hazards present within the market.

Preventing information leakage and industrial espionage via online information are a critical issue for any business.

Tadiran Telecom provides business telecommunications services and delivers end-to-end data communications solutions for LAN / WAN / Wi-Fi, including network security and data encryption, protection for servers and databases, and more.

The company’s many years of technological expertise in a wide range of disciplines, allows Tadiran to provide unique specialized solutions for a wide range of sectors and customer requirements. Its deep knowledge and understanding of communication, information security, and business considerations allow Tadiran Telecom to offer its customers complete solutions in diverse areas, such as:

  • Unified Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Cyber & Network Security, Network Management, Cloud Services, Maintenance Contracts (public and private)