Control & Automation


Afcon Control & Automation is the official representative of the Spanish LIBELIUM, a world leader for supply of Smart City systems and IOT solutions.

LIBELIUM provides technical solutions for Smart City and procures a wide range of systems and sensors for wireless connectivity such as WIFI, GPRS, BLT, RF and supplies wired solutions as well.

The PLUG&SENSE solution is based on a unit fit for outside installation that includes all the electronics required for the collection and transmission of the readings from the attached sensors, to a control center or to the cloud. The unit uses a chargeable battery that can be fed from an electrical outlet or a solar panel.

Technological applications from LIBELIUM for the Smart City include: Monitoring of hazardous gases, air quality, temperature and humidity, wind metrology, water quality, radiation (solar, UV and radioactive), noise, gases, garbage bin level, parking spot availability and other municipal parameters.

The Afcon LIBELIUM connection was created from the growing need to establish monitoring solutions that are reliable and easy to use while requiring minimum maintenance effort.


Plug&Sense solutions include

• Smart Water: Water Quality, Leakages
• Smart City PRO
• Sensors for levels in garbage containers
• Safety by monitoring of toxic gases, vehicle exhaust, flood detectors
• Flow meters in different ranges
• Air Quality & UV
• Environmental Safety: Temperature, humidity, noise, radiation, earthquake
• RadioActive radiation monitor
• Monitoring public gardens: soil humidity wind speed and water temperature
• Agriculture: Leaf wetness, stem/trunk diameter, soil humidity, wind vane
• Smart Parking: detectors for on road parking spaces
• Security: Camera, luminosity, presence
• Fire detection in forests
• And lately, a complete solution for medial health measurements

The PULSE command and control software, a development of Afcon Software Division, acquires the transmissions from all the sensors spread around the city, analyzes the data and provides proactive actions per predefined scenarios, such as sending SMS, email to specified personnel, popup of a camera window, activating a siren and other tools that enable the efficient management of the municipal resources while coordinating the different subsystems automatically.

Contact details: Ethel Korenfeld, email:,tel: +972-73-2001339